Is Spaying and Neutering Safe?

​​​​​There is an animal homelessness crisis across much of the world, a lot of which is fueled by the increasing demand for pedigree dogs and cats and in particular, infant pedigree pets. New breeding combinations have created unique furry friends that are highly sought after, pushing less desirable breeds and older pets in need of … Read more

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How to Make a Dog and Cat Get Along

The topic of cats versus dogs might seem like a scene from a cartoon. However, the dispute has lasted for a long time. In fact, it’s so archaic that folklores from a variety of cultures have written about the feud. Stories from ancient Romania, China, and West Africa tell of dogs and cats fighting one … Read more

How to Know When your Cat is Sick

As much as many cats love their owners, most feline friends are very laid-back, relaxed and independent creatures. If you have an indoor cat then she may still prefer to chill out by herself in her favorite sun-lit corner, while you have an outdoor cat she may only grace you with her presence for meals … Read more

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How Much Should You Feed Your Dog?

A lot of dog owners like to leave a bowl of dry food out for their pet to routinely snack on throughout the day. While this might be the most convenient way of feeding your dog, it is isn’t the most healthy technique for your pet. The amount and frequency in which you feed your … Read more

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How Can I Get My Pet More Exercise?

If a pet is overweight and reluctant to exercise, it is often a continuous battle to stop weight gain. Taking your dog for a walk or having playtime is great exercise. Cat play toys, that they can chase, will provide some aerobic exercise to help burn calories. Helping the overweight pet is not just about … Read more

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Are Dental Sticks Effective for Treating Bad Breath in Dogs?

​​​​​​​Bad breath is a common complaint of many dog owners, who find that getting up close and cuddly with their canine companion isn’t always the pleasant experience that it should be. Contents1 Why do dogs get bad breath?2 What are pet dental sticks?3 What are pet dental sticks made from?4 Are dental sticks effective at … Read more

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How to Choose an Animal Hospital

Whether you have a horse or a large dog, a rabbit or a reptile, if you are the owner of animal, you undoubtedly treat her like a part of your family. You wouldn’t trust your human loved ones with an unqualified or inexperienced doctor, and as a responsible and loving owner, finding an animal hospital … Read more

Tips for Treating Hairballs in Cats

If you are a parent to an adorable feline, chances are your cat gets hairballs from time to time. Hairballs are a relatively common problem that affects the majority of cats at some point during their lifetime. Although cartoons have long portrayed them in a comedic fashion, left untreated hairballs can compromise your cat’s health. … Read more

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What are Common Veterinary Emergencies for Pets?

Accidents and emergencies often occur when you least expect them. Fortunately, most veterinarians are well experienced in dealing with the unexpected and see a wide variety of time-sensitive and life-critical situations affecting domestic animals in the United States every day. Nevertheless, there are some types of veterinary emergencies that are more regularly seen than others. … Read more

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How to Get Rid of Fleas in Your Home and On Your Pet

Most pet owners expect their pet to experience at least one parasite problem during their lifetime, and fleas are one of the most common. They are also quite possibly the most annoying type of parasitic infestation to deal with. But first, let’s find out a little more about fleas and how these pesky parasites operate. … Read more

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