Here at Care Animal Hospital, we’re proud to offer you our Feline Veterinary Services. We have over 25 years of serving the greater Temecula area, taking care of a wide variety of cat breeds and sizes. 

Why bring my pet feline to Care Animal Hospital?

From annual examinations and vaccinations to in-depth surgery, dentistry or procedures, we provide an array of services to help your feline friend live a long and healthy life.

Not only are our staff experienced and trained, we also use the most advanced, state-of-the-art technology. Our equipment provides high-quality results that allow us to offer our patients the most accurate prognosis and the best possible treatments. 

Since you know your cat best, you should be able to detect behavioral changes, injury, or if your cat is feeling ill. Feel free to contact us or schedule an appointment to give your cat a thorough examination.

Photo of a veterinarian neutering a cat

Cat Veterinary Services

Below are the services Care Animal Hospital offers your cat:

How can I take my cat to the vet?

We recommend taking a cat to the vet inside a kennel or a carrier. Because your cat can easily grow anxious from entering unfamiliar territory, it’s best to keep them inside a safe place they can be comfortable in. 

If you’re wondering how to train your cat to enter the kennel, you can lure them inside by feeding them treats. You can also spray the bedding with scents your cat is familiar with, or a calming spray for cats. 

There are a lot of different portable kennels to pick from, with different doors and methods for entering. We recommend getting one with multiple entrance points, as this can make it easier to get a nervous cat into the carrier.

Photo of a kitten taken to a veterinarian

How can I ensure a stress-free vet visit with my cat?

Because cats can be hyper-sensitive animals, taking them to a new and different environment can be difficult, however, the examination process that a vet goes through is not threatening and is often calming.  With you, the cat’s friend, providing comfort and reassurance, your cat will not be stressed or anxious.

It’s also a good idea to practice taking your cat on car rides. This will allow them to become familiarized with the journey, making them less scared on the actual vet visit.

Treats and toys for good behavior will also be helpful in making sure your cat stays calm at the vet.

How often should I bring my cat to the vet?

If your cat is still a kitten, then you should bring the kitten in for a visit every month for the first four months for immunizations and examination for health,  growth, and development.

You should take your cat to Care Animal Hospital for annual check-ups during their adult stage (1-7 years old).

if your cat is older, 7 years and up, then it is recommended that wellness checks should be accomplished two times a year or every six months.