The anesthetic medications used at Care Animal Hospital are very safe and we use only the correct amount to accomplish whatever procedure is being performed. In some cases the anesthetic condition is reversed to help with procedures that require the pet, “up and moving” a short time after the procedure ends.

Pre-anesthetic blood testing is provided for all dogs and cats undergoing a general anesthetic event for surgery, dentistries, and long procedures. This ensures that the patient has a healthy condition and represents a good anesthetic candidate.

Intravenous catheters and intravenous fluids are provided to all general anesthesia patients to help support blood pressure. Good blood pressure is the most important aspect of of any anesthetic event.

Anesthesia Monitors: Our monitors are of “human grade” which supply us with all the information to monitor your pet’s anesthetic event. Oxygen concentration, pulse, ECG oscilloscope, respiratory rate, blood pressure and CO2 saturation.