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What Vaccines Do Dogs Need Annually?

As a responsible pet owner, it’s up to you to provide the best care your dogs deserve. This includes core vaccines that keep your dog protected from serious diseases. However, with so many doubts around vaccines, it is natural to ask yourself “What vaccines do dogs need annually?”. Contents1 What Vaccines Do Dogs Need Annually?1.1 … Read more

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What Is a Cat Distemper Vaccine?

Vaccinating your feline friend against potentially fatal diseases is essential for their health. If you are considering getting a cat, you may wonder what a cat distemper vaccine is and how important it can be. Contents1 What Is a Cat Distemper Vaccine?1.1 Types of Cat Distemper Vaccines1.2 Symptoms of Feline Parvovirus1.3 Symptoms of Feline Herpes1.4 … Read more

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Do Dog Vaccines Cause Frequent Urination?

It is our responsibility to maintain the health of our furry friends by giving them vaccinations. If you are worried about possible side effects, you may have wondered if vaccinations for dogs increase their urination. Contents1 Do Dog Vaccines Cause Frequent Urination?1.1 Vaccine Side Effects and Urination1.2 Other Causes of Frequent Urination1.2.1 Urinary Tract Infection1.3 … Read more

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Do Pet Rats Need Vaccines?

Due to their intelligence and affectionate nature, rats are becoming increasingly popular as pets. If you are currently thinking about getting one, you might be wondering whether pet rats need vaccines or not. Contents1 Do Pet Rats Need Vaccines?1.1 Preventive Cares for Pet Rats1.2 Protecting Your Pet Rat1.3 Signs of Illness in Rats1.3.1 Common Diseases … Read more

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What Is a Dog Bordetella Vaccine?

Suppose you like bringing your dogs out, or your pet usually stays at boarding facilities while you’re away. You must protect them against the highly contagious Bordetella bacteria. I’m going to explain what the dog Bordetella vaccine is, when to get it, and how it protects your dog from this disease. Contents1 What Is a … Read more

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What Is a Dog Vaccine DA2PPv?

Pet owners find ways to keep dogs healthy and happy. You may commonly see the DA2PPv vaccine as you research a dog’s core vaccinations. We’re going to explain what a DA2PPv dog vaccine is, when your pet should get it, and the diseases it can protect your dog from. Contents1 What Is a Dog Vaccine … Read more

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Can My Dog Get Vaccines While on Antibiotics?

One of the most common questions I get from pet owners is, ‘’Is it safe for my dog to receive vaccinations while on antibiotics?’’. After all, it is important to understand the role of antibiotics and vaccines so you can keep your pet healthy.  Contents1 Can My Dog Get Vaccines While on Antibiotics?1.1 Why Do … Read more

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Do Pet Birds Need Vaccines?

Like any other pet, birds need a healthy body to enjoy their life. Aside from the usual check-ups, vaccinations are the first line of defense in protecting animals against diseases. We’re going to explain if birds need vaccines. Contents1 Do Pet Birds Need Vaccines?1.1 Why Don’t I Need to Vaccinate Birds?1.2 What Vaccines Do Birds … Read more

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How Long to Wait After Dog Vaccines?

Vaccines can help prevent illnesses, ensuring your dog enjoys a happy, healthy life. However, there are after-care instructions you must remember. Whether you want to walk your dog or let it socialize with other pets, we’re explaining how long you need to wait after dog vaccines. Contents1 How Long to Wait After Dog Vaccines?1.1 When … Read more

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Why Is My Cat So Tired After Vaccines?

Vaccines help maintain your cat’s health and well-being. However, you may notice some cats feeling less energetic after getting their shots, prompting them to sleep for the rest of the day. We’re explaining why your cat feels so tired after vaccinations and how to make your pet feel better. Contents1 Why Is My Cat So … Read more

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