Top 10 Dog Dental Questions

Dogs are man’s best friend. They provide you with companionship and are very loyal to their owners. Caring for your dog’s overall health is no question if you want your pets to stay healthy and be with you longer. Here are the Top 10 Dog Dental Questions to help you avoid getting animal-related diseases.  Top … Read more

4 Best Dog Breeds for Kids

Adopting a dog for your kids is a big responsibility to take on. It’s almost like having another child in the house. It is important to consider specific dog breeds that are well suited for a life with children.  A dog that is raised into a family, especially with children, requires a lot of disciplining … Read more

Stages of Periodontal Disease in Pets

Periodontal disease in pets is characterized by pain, bacteria, and infection. Grade 1 – RED GUMS: Low grade pain…like a constant headache. This is gingivitis. Red gum line, even though teeth appear clean. Bad breath. Grade 2 – RED AND SWOLLEN GUMS: Pain is chronic. Inflammation and swelling of the gums. Bacteria enters the blood … Read more

Why Your Dog is Throwing Up

Just like humans, dogs get sick and throw up from time to time. When your pet is sick and throwing up, it can be distressing and messy. Dogs vomit for a variety of reasons, many of which are not serious. However, sometimes vomiting can be a sign that something is extremely wrong with your pet, … Read more

Why is My Pet Scratching?

It may sound silly, but pets scratch because they’re itching. The most common cause of itching and scratching in pets is allergies. Pet allergies can be food related or environment related. Food allergies in pets include allergies to gluten, wheat, corn and other grains. Food allergies can be related to some meat protein source as … Read more