Woman checking if her hamster is starting to smell bad

Why Does My Hamster Smell Bad?

For something so adorable and tiny, some hamsters can emit quite an odor. So the question is, why does my hamster smell bad? For this guide, I’m going to cover the reasons why your pet may have a foul smell and what you can do to solve and prevent such problems. Why Does My Hamster … Read more

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Little girl looking at her pet's fur for signs of mite infestation

What Do Mites Look Like on Guinea Pigs?

Mites are parasitic insects that can cause skin problems in a guinea pig, affecting your pet’s health and way of living. However, what do mites look like on guinea pigs? For this guide, I’m explaining the signs of mite infestations in your guinea pig, along with treatments and prevention. What Do Mites Look Like on … Read more

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Sleeping turtle

Why Does My Turtle Sleep So Much?

Rest is essential for a pet’s growth, yet you may be thinking, why does my turtle sleep so much? For this guide, I’m going to explain the possible reasons why your turtle tends to sleep longer, along with what you can do to set a healthy sleeping pattern. Why Does My Turtle Sleep So Much? … Read more

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A dog resting on a bed after neutering procedure

How Long After Neutering Does a Dog’s Behavior Change?

The population of dogs in the whole world is continuously increasing. Some of them end up in a shelter, some will end being euthanized because nobody would claim or adopt them. So one solution that dog owners and vets suggest is neutering your dog. But how long after neutering does a dog’s behavior change? How … Read more

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Cat with fleas scratching its skin

How to Tell if a Cat Has Fleas

When warm weather kicks in, your purr-fect cat may have some unwanted and potentially dangerous guests. Fleas can attack your cat at any time of the year, but they are most active when it is warm. Look out for them when the humidity hits 70 percent and temperatures are about 35°C. Learning how to tell … Read more

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Person caressing a turtle

Why Is My Turtle Not Growing?

As a pet owner, there may be times when you’re wondering if there’s something wrong with your pet, like why is my turtle not growing? For this article, I’m explaining possible reasons why your turtle has stunted growth, along with tips on how to help your pet grow healthily.  Why Is My Turtle Not Growing? … Read more

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Woman asking questions to her vet on her new puppy's first visit

What Questions to Ask a Vet With a New Puppy?

Are you a first-time pup parent? The adorable little face and warm cuddles are probably the only things on your mind. However, keeping your new puppy happy requires a lot more than that. Asking the right questions could put you in a better position to be a fantastic parent. If you are wondering what questions … Read more

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A dog lying in bed and leaning on a woman

Why Do Dogs Lean On You?

Have you ever wondered: why do dogs lean on you? Does your dog sit or stand next to you, then casually puts its weight against your body? Leaning is typical behavior among dogs, especially when they’re trying to communicate or show emotions. With that said, I’m going over the reasons why dogs lean on you. … Read more

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Gray and white cat lying on a bed

How Often Do Cats Need Shots?

Vaccination is an important way to keep your cat healthy and safe from any deadly diseases. Though these shots can’t be 100 percent foolproof, they may keep your cat and kitten safer and stronger compared to those who don’t have any. So, how often do cats need shots? Let’s find out in this article. How … Read more

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A gray and white rabbit sitting on the grass

How Much Is a Vet Visit for a Rabbit?

Rabbits may be fun and adorable, but they get sick often. Unfortunately, they can’t tell you when things aren’t right, so you need to watch for any unusual symptoms. How much is a vet visit for a rabbit? The answer depends on the rabbit’s specific ailment and the level of care it needs.  How Much … Read more

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