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Why Does My Dog Yelp When Touched?

Two dogs yelping happily

It can be a bit frustrating when you touch your dog, and they yelp for no apparent reason. A dog’s pain isn’t always easy to see, and yet it often indicates that something is not right. If you’re asking yourself …

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What Happens if a Dog Gets Vaccinated Twice?

Dog being prepared by volunteers before being vaccinated

Your dog deserves to live healthily, and pet owners must secure dog vaccinations to prevent diseases. While immunizing your pets is essential, you should be cautious about what happens if a dog gets vaccinated twice. We’re going to help you …

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Can Dog Vaccines Have Side Effects?

Brown pomeranian sitting on a diagnostic table while a veterinarian and his assistant observes him

As a dog owner, you want to ensure your canine is healthy. Vaccines can help prevent various illnesses, yet you may be concerned about side effects. Here, I will answer the question, “Can dog vaccines have side effects?” and provide …

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What to Expect When My Puppy Gets Parvo

A close-up view of a tan and white short-coat dog lying down on a wooden floor

If your puppy comes down with parvo, it’s natural to wonder if your furry friend will survive the illness and what you can do to help. In this article, I’ll discuss the signs and symptoms of parvo. Contents1 Puppies & …

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What Vaccines Do Dogs Need Annually?

Dog looking up while sitting down on the floor

As a responsible pet owner, it’s up to you to provide the best care your dogs deserve. This includes core vaccines that keep your dog protected from serious diseases. However, with so many doubts around vaccines, it is natural to …

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What Is a Cat Distemper Vaccine?

Veterinarian doing a check-up using a stethoscope on a white cat

Vaccinating your feline friend against potentially fatal diseases is essential for their health. If you are considering getting a cat, you may wonder what a cat distemper vaccine is and how important it can be. Contents1 What Is a Cat …

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Do Dog Vaccines Cause Frequent Urination?

A veterinarian vaccinating an adult tan pit bull terrier

It is our responsibility to maintain the health of our furry friends by giving them vaccinations. If you are worried about possible side effects, you may have wondered if vaccinations for dogs increase their urination. Contents1 Do Dog Vaccines Cause …

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Do Pet Rats Need Vaccines?

A black and white rat playing on the autumn leaves

Due to their intelligence and affectionate nature, rats are becoming increasingly popular as pets. If you are currently thinking about getting one, you might be wondering whether pet rats need vaccines or not. Contents1 Do Pet Rats Need Vaccines?1.1 Preventive …

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What Is a Dog Bordetella Vaccine?

Volunteer wearing a mask holds down a brown dog while a veterinarian prepares a syringe

Suppose you like bringing your dogs out, or your pet usually stays at boarding facilities while you’re away. You must protect them against the highly contagious Bordetella bacteria. I’m going to explain what the dog Bordetella vaccine is, when to …

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