We are happy to provide Canine Veterinary Services.

If you’ve noticed a change in your dog’s behavior or witnessed an injury, our dog vets can help diagnose and care for your pet. Or, if your dog isn’t ill or injured, contact us to schedule a routine check up to ensure they stay in good health.

Feeding Schedule and Products

Quality matters! “They are what they eat”. The brands we recommend are from the pet store and are as follows: Nutro, Pro Plan, Royal Canin, Science Diet…

House Training Your Dog

  • Crate training: The best method of training is “crate training” with regular discipline and reward.
  • Crate size: the crate or carrier should only be large enough for your puppy to lie on its side allowing for a month or two of growth. The idea is there is not enough room for the puppy and pee/poop…
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