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What Causes a Dog’s Stomach to Swell?

Have you noticed swelling or bloating in your dog’s stomach? A swollen abdomen in dogs can be a lethal emergency, or it could be caused by something simple, like overeating. One way you can make sure your dog stays in good health is by paying attention to any signs of stomach problems, so you can … Read more

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Signs Your Dog is Constipated and How to Treat It

Has it been a few days since your dog last went for a number two? How do you know if your dog is constipated? Can dogs be constipated? Bowel movements are an important bodily function for both humans and animals alike. However, struggling to pass stools, also known as constipation, is one of the most … Read more

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Saving Your Pet from an Itchy Problem: Fleas

Every parent to a furry pet knows how much of a nuisance fleas can be. At best your pets become itchy and skittish, at worst they become miserable and lethargic. And just like ticks, fleas can be a vector for disease for your pets, or even for you! Fleas can be partly responsible for roundworms … Read more

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Pet Skin And Allergy Care

It is easy to get distracted by the health and condition of your pet’s coat, but forget about the importance of the wellbeing of the skin underneath. It may surprise you to know that, although often covered in hair, your pet’s skin is probably just as sensitive as your own. Our skin is prone to … Read more

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Parasite Prevention and Control for Pets

Parasite infestations are an extremely common part of animal ownership. The term parasite is used to describe an organism that lives either inside or on the skin of another organism. In the case for pets, parasites benefit by taking its nutrients from its host. There are many different types of parasite, and each will affect … Read more

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Leia M.

A 4 year old, spayed female, German Shepherd Dog named Leia was seen by Doctor Alcorn for ongoing skin disease. Leia had a two month history of horrible skin disease and been examined and treated by two other veterinarians over the previous two months. She was taking six different medications and there was no improvement. … Read more

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Is Your Pet Not Eating Their Dry Food?

It’s not uncommon for pets to turn their nose up at dry food. However, it could be a sign of a bigger problem. In most cases, pets are shy about eating dry food, because their mouth hurts. This pain keeps them from wanting to crunch their dry food. Sometimes pets are more responsive to canned … Read more

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Is Spaying and Neutering Safe?

​​​​​There is an animal homelessness crisis across much of the world, a lot of which is fueled by the increasing demand for pedigree dogs and cats and in particular, infant pedigree pets. New breeding combinations have created unique furry friends that are highly sought after, pushing less desirable breeds and older pets in need of … Read more

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How to Make a Dog and Cat Get Along

The topic of cats versus dogs might seem like a scene from a cartoon. However, the dispute has lasted for a long time. In fact, it’s so archaic that folklores from a variety of cultures have written about the feud. Stories from ancient Romania, China, and West Africa tell of dogs and cats fighting one … Read more

How to Know When your Cat is Sick

As much as many cats love their owners, most feline friends are very laid-back, relaxed and independent creatures. If you have an indoor cat then she may still prefer to chill out by herself in her favorite sun-lit corner, while you have an outdoor cat she may only grace you with her presence for meals … Read more

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