The Best Off Leash Dog Parks In Temecula, CA

Dr. Joe Alcorn, M.S., D.V.M.

Dr. Joe Alcorn is founder of Care Animal Hospital in Temecula, California. He has a Bachelor of Science in Biology and Doctor of Veterinary Medicine from Colorado State University. He is a member of the American Veterinary Medical Association and his advice has been featured in large publications like Bustle and Martha Stewart.

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In 2016, Temecula ranked as one of the most dog-friendly cities in the country. A large number of dog owners, dog walkers, groomers, and dog-related care facilities were key factors to this ranking. That includes off-leash dog parks.

However, the great number of dog parks makes it difficult to know which Temecula dog park is the best for you. We’ve compiled several dog parks in Temecula that show how far we’ll go to show our love for our best friends.  

The Best Off-Leash Dog Parks In Temecula

Most dogs enjoy a fenced-in area where they can run off-leash. Take your dog to one of these to make sure they exercise, socialize with other animals, and take a long nap when you return home.

Margarita Community Park

Margarita Community Park has an off-leash dog park within it. You can find it in the back area of the community park so you need to have your pets leashed until you get there. The Margarita Dog Park in Temecula is a long stretch of the park that has been fenced the dogs to run and play while off-the leash

An off-leash dog playing fetch in a park

The dog park also has some nice views of the countryside and mountains so you’ll also have fun. The dogs can also enjoy the dog-friendly water fountain which is next to the paved seating area. 

There’s also a poop bag dispenser in the area to help you clean up after your dog. Bring extra poop bags just in case the dispenser runs out. 

Redhawk Community Park

Like the Margarita Dog Park, The Redhawk Community Park also has a dog park within it. Aside from the dog park, the Redhawk Community Park also includes baseball and softball fields, barbeque and picnic areas, and enclosed dog runs.

What’s great about the Redhawk dog park is that there are 2 fenced-in areas for small and large dogs. These areas are large for your dogs to play in and has 3 separate enclosed off-leash areas for dogs of different sizes. There are benches to sit on for you while you rest. There are also complimentary disposable bags you can use on the grounds. 

Aside from the dog park, your dog can also enjoy the other areas of the park as long as they’re on a leash all the time. You can enjoy some barbecue or play catch on the baseball field with your family after spending some valuable time with your pup. 

A man lying on grass beside two dogs in a park

Dairyland Park

Dairyland Park is just a few hours away from Temecula. However, it features a large playing field, picnic area, and a splash pad for kids that are worth visiting. There are separated areas for small dogs and large dogs. The play area is a combination of artificial turf, real grass, and some gravel. There are agility training obstacles along with tennis balls scattered around the play area that your dog can play with. 

There’s also a dirt walking path trailing for you to walk around and have a bit of exercise. If you want to rest, there are benches on the side with shade and also a good place to talk with other pet owners. There are also big rocks that kids can sit on or play with their dog. 

The park doesn’t have enough lighting so visiting there after 5 pm can get dark and most people don’t go there at that time so your dog might not have enough playmates. 

Redlands Dog Park

Redlands Dog Park is also a few hours away from Temecula, within Ford Park. However, the huge area for dogs to play around makes for a great destination for your dog. This enclosed area has 2 separate areas for small and large dogs. The park also has a tennis court, swing set/play area, and a fish pond you can enjoy while walking your dog. 

The big dog area has water fountains while the small dog area doesn’t have any. There are plenty of poop cleanup supplies and bags within the area. The benches are on each side with ample shade. 

The best time to go to this park is in the morning and late afternoon or early evening as you can find many dog owners playing in the park with their dogs. You and your dog will have plenty of chances to socialize and make friends. 

Maggie Houlihan Memorial Dog Park

Maggie Houlihan Memorial Dog Park is in the southwest of Temecula, within Encinitas Community Park. It’s two acres of lush green area in which you and your pup can have fun and explore its stunning landscapes and clean grounds.

It has two fenced play spaces, one for puppies and little dogs and the other for big dogs. Even though it’s an off-leash play rule, you should always bring a leash with you since it’s in another park. 

An off leash dog playing with water fountain

Maggie Houlihan Memorial Dog Park has most of what your dog needs including:

  • Drinking water
  • Cleanup bags
  • Benches for pet owners to rest in
  • Paved area for practice and training  

After playing in the dog park, you can go outside and be in Encinitas Community Park. You can stroll around with your leashed dog and admire the views and landscape in the park. One spot in the park is famous for its impressive gardens so make sure you go out and check it. 


There are many wonderful off-leash dog parks located near the Temecula area. Some have unique features like water fountains, turf grasses, amazing landscapes that you and your dog can enjoy. These off-leash parks sure get you planning a road trip with your pup faster than you can say “fetch!”