Anesthesia Free Dentals

Many pet owners have heard of anesthesia free dental cleanings, however – is it safe and effective? The principles of good oral hygiene and dental health are the same for dogs and cats as it is for people, however there are some major differences. Our teeth are scaled by a dentist or hygienist. We open … Read more

Two 5 year old dogs out on the lawn

Can You Spay a 5 Year Old Dog

Can you spay a 5-year-old dog? Is it safe to get older dogs spayed? Is it even necessary once they’ve already had puppies? These are frequent questions asked by many owners of older dogs. The topic of spaying an older dog comes with a lot of fright and confusion. That’s why we’re here to answer … Read more

Top 10 Cat Dental Questions

Cat dental care is also an area not many cat parents know about. The lack of knowledge in this area has lead may cat parents to look for answers to several questions about their cat’s dental health. That’s why we’ve gathered the top 10 cat dental questions and answered them for you in this article.  … Read more

Top 10 Dog Dental Questions

Dogs are man’s best friend. They provide you with companionship and are very loyal to their owners. Caring for your dog’s overall health is no question if you want your pets to stay healthy and be with you longer. Here are the Top 10 Dog Dental Questions to help you avoid getting animal-related diseases.  Top … Read more