A group people approaching two dogs

6 Outdoor Pet Risks in Temecula to be Aware Of

Temecula is one of the most pet-friendly cities in the country. Most of its public areas are open to pets and the majority of the businesses there allow pets in their premises.   Nevertheless, there will always be outdoor pet risks that you need to consider when you visit. It’s better to be aware of them … Read more

How to Choose an Animal Hospital

Whether you have a horse or a large dog, a rabbit or a reptile, if you are the owner of animal, you undoubtedly treat her like a part of your family. You wouldn’t trust your human loved ones with an unqualified or inexperienced doctor, and as a responsible and loving owner, finding an animal hospital … Read more


Abigail, a 1 year old Bull Terrier, presented to Dr Alcorn at Care Animal Hospital for not eating, vomiting, and lethargy. She had a history of having eaten foreign material 5 months previous and had successful intestinal surgery at the Emergency Pet Clinic of Temecula. On physical exam her abdomen area was sensitive to palpation … Read more