Cat in front of door surrounded with snow

What Temperature Is Too Cold For Cats?

While cats are feisty, resilient, and can generally take care of themselves, our domestic cats need some help when the cold weather starts. So, how do we know what temperature is too cold for cats, and what can you do to help them? The answers depend on various factors we’re going to discover. What Temperature … Read more

A veterinarian vaccinating a dog

What Happens if a Dog Gets Vaccinated Twice?

Being a dog owner means getting all measures and vaccinations to prevent diseases. While it’s essential to immunize our pets, we should be cautious about what happens if a dog gets vaccinated twice. The kind of vaccination, frequency, and a pet’s medical history can help us discern about getting our dogs vaccinated again.  What Happens … Read more

Dog walking outdoors

How Soon Can I Walk My Dog After Neutering?

As our pet recovers from a castration procedure, we may be wondering: how soon can I walk my dog after neutering? How far can I walk my pet after the surgery? There are certain things that can influence our dog’s recovery, which determines when we can return to our daily walks. How Soon Can I … Read more

A cat lying on cardboard

How to Calm a Hyper Cat

Wondering why your cat goes from a peaceful slumber, then ends up zooming around or hyper-playing the next moment? While cats are typically very quiet and reserved, some exhibit hyperactiveness. We must first understand the causes before we can learn how to calm a hyper cat. How to Calm a Hyper Cat Cats tend to … Read more

Dog beside food bowl

How to Fix Food Anxiety in Dogs

Dogs that suffer from food anxiety will show some behavioral changes. In some cases, they can even turn aggressive. In order to prevent any damages or accidents, it is best to learn how to fix anxiety in dogs before things run out of control.  How to Fix Food Anxiety in Dogs We can start by … Read more

Cat jumping on grass during daytime

How Much Exercise Do Cats Need?

Cats need exercise to keep their body and mental health in tiptop shape. It is not easy to track the amount of exercise they get each day, though, because unlike dogs, we cannot simply take them out for a walk. So how much exercise do cats need?  How Much Exercise Do Cats Need? On average, … Read more

Are Anesthesia Free Dental Cleanings Safe?

Many pet owners have heard of anesthesia free dental cleanings, however – is it safe and effective? The principles of good oral hygiene and dental health are the same for dogs and cats as it is for people, however there are some major differences. Our teeth are scaled by a dentist or hygienist. We open … Read more

An AAHA accredited veterinarian examining a dog

What Does It Mean to Be AAHA Accredited

What Does it Mean to be AAHA Accredited? Why is it important that your veterinarian is accredited? Should you be taking your pet to an AAHA accredited practice? You may or may not be taking your pet to an AAHA accredited veterinary practice, though it’s worth thinking about.  We’ll gladly inform you of all there … Read more

Two 5 year old dogs out on the lawn

Can You Spay a 5 Year Old Dog

Can you spay a 5-year-old dog? Is it safe to get older dogs spayed? Is it even necessary once they’ve already had puppies? These are frequent questions asked by many owners of older dogs. The topic of spaying an older dog comes with a lot of fright and confusion. That’s why we’re here to answer … Read more

A dog whining after being spayed

Is it Normal for Dogs to Whine after Being Spayed

Getting your dog spayed is an important duty for any pet owner. Just like with any operation, there’s always some pain to deal with afterward; even in animals. However, you may be wondering what signs of pain are normal after spaying.  Is it normal for dogs to whine after being spayed? Is it normal for … Read more