Sleeping turtle

Why Does My Turtle Sleep So Much?

Rest is essential for a pet’s growth, yet you may be thinking, why does my turtle sleep so much? For this guide, I’m going to explain the possible reasons why your turtle tends to sleep longer, along with what you can do to set a healthy sleeping pattern. Why Does My Turtle Sleep So Much? … Read more

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Person caressing a turtle

Why Is My Turtle Not Growing?

As a pet owner, there may be times when you’re wondering if there’s something wrong with your pet, like why is my turtle not growing? For this article, I’m explaining possible reasons why your turtle has stunted growth, along with tips on how to help your pet grow healthily.  Why Is My Turtle Not Growing? … Read more

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A gray and white rabbit sitting on the grass

How Much Is a Vet Visit for a Rabbit?

Rabbits may be fun and adorable, but they get sick often. Unfortunately, they can’t tell you when things aren’t right, so you need to watch for any unusual symptoms. How much is a vet visit for a rabbit? The answer depends on the rabbit’s specific ailment and the level of care it needs.  How Much … Read more

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Selective focus of a barking dog

Debarking and De-vocalization Myths and Facts

Debarking has always been a controversial topic. There is a movement all over the country headed by animal rights advocates to outlaw the practice of debarking dogs. That’s why I will explain some of the debarking and de-vocalization myths and facts.  Debarking and De-vocalization Myths and Facts To start off, I don’t see the issue … Read more

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Veterinarian checking dog's teeth

Are Anesthesia Free Dental Cleanings Safe?

Many pet owners have heard of anesthesia free dental cleanings, however – is it safe and effective? The principles of good oral hygiene and dental health are the same for dogs and cats as it is for people, however there are some major differences. Our teeth are scaled by a dentist or hygienist. We open … Read more

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An AAHA accredited veterinarian examining a dog

What Does It Mean to Be AAHA Accredited

What Does it Mean to be AAHA Accredited? Why is it important that your veterinarian is accredited? Should you be taking your pet to an AAHA accredited practice? You may or may not be taking your pet to an AAHA accredited veterinary practice, though it’s worth thinking about.  We’ll gladly inform you of all there … Read more

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Stages of Periodontal Disease in Pets

Periodontal disease in pets is characterized by pain, bacteria, and infection. Grade 1 – RED GUMS: Low grade pain…like a constant headache. This is gingivitis. Red gum line, even though teeth appear clean. Bad breath. Grade 2 – RED AND SWOLLEN GUMS: Pain is chronic. Inflammation and swelling of the gums. Bacteria enters the blood … Read more

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Why is My Pet Scratching?

It may sound silly, but pets scratch because they’re itching. The most common cause of itching and scratching in pets is allergies. Pet allergies can be food related or environment related. Food allergies in pets include allergies to gluten, wheat, corn and other grains. Food allergies can be related to some meat protein source as … Read more

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What To Do if Your Pet is Vomiting

The sound and sight of a sick pet is understandably worrying, and it can be easy to panic. Vomiting always seems like one of the worst parts of your beloved animal being unwell, particularly as your pet is unable to tell you exactly what is going on with him. Knowing what to do in this … Read more

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What is the Best Diet for Pets with Dental Problems?

The importance of good dental care has only recently become a commonly accepted facet of pet care. However, looking after our pet’s teeth can help her live a long, happy life. Common dental problems experienced by pets include excessive plaque and tartar on the teeth, gum conditions including periodontal disease, tooth-root abscesses and infections. When … Read more

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