Veterinarian doing a check-up using a stethoscope on a white cat

What Is a Cat Distemper Vaccine?

Vaccinating your feline friend against potentially fatal diseases is essential for their health. If you are considering getting a cat, you may wonder what a cat distemper vaccine is and how important it can be. What Is a Cat Distemper Vaccine? The cat distemper vaccine is a core vaccine recommended for all cats. It prevents … Read more

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White and gray cat sleeping on its back with its paws up

Why Is My Cat So Tired After Vaccines?

Vaccines help maintain your cat’s health and well-being. However, you may notice some cats feeling less energetic after getting their shots, prompting them to sleep for the rest of the day. We’re explaining why your cat feels so tired after vaccinations and how to make your pet feel better. Why Is My Cat So Tired … Read more

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Yellow and white tabby cat sleeping on a wooden chair

What Happens if Your Cat Is Not Vaccinated?

Pet health should be the responsibility of the owners, and vaccination is a crucial component of preventative healthcare. So, what happens if you don’t vaccinate your cat? Find out what it means for you and your pet not to vaccinate cats, as well as any potential hazards. What Happens if Your Cat Is Not Vaccinated? … Read more

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A veterinarian wearing a blue scrub suit and white gloves holds a syringe near a black and orange cat on top of a metal bed

How to Make a Cat Feel Better After Vaccines

Cats are gentle pets, and experiencing their first vaccinations may be an uncomfortable experience for them. Hence, you should know how to make a cat feel better after vaccines to make vaccination easier. How to Make a Cat Feel Better After Vaccines Cats usually don’t feel well after receiving their first vaccination. Some cats may … Read more

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Cat with fleas scratching its skin

How to Tell if a Cat Has Fleas

When warm weather kicks in, your purr-fect cat may have some unwanted and potentially dangerous guests. Fleas can attack your cat at any time of the year, but they are most active when it is warm. Look out for them when the humidity hits 70 percent and temperatures are about 35°C. Learning how to tell … Read more

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Gray and white cat lying on a bed

How Often Do Cats Need Shots?

Vaccination is an important way to keep your cat healthy and safe from any deadly diseases. Though these shots can’t be 100 percent foolproof, they may keep your cat and kitten safer and stronger compared to those who don’t have any. So, how often do cats need shots? Let’s find out in this article. How … Read more

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Cat jumping on grass during daytime

How Much Exercise Does a Cat Need?

Cats need exercise to keep their body and mental health in tiptop shape. It is not easy to track the amount of cat exercise they get each day, though, because we can’t always take them out for a walk like we do with dogs. So how much exercise does a cat need?  How Much Exercise … Read more

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A cat lying on cardboard

How to Calm a Hyper Cat

Wondering why your cat goes from a peaceful slumber, then ends up zooming around or hyper-playing the next moment? While cats are typically very quiet and reserved, some exhibit hyperactiveness. We must first understand the causes before we can learn how to calm a hyper cat. How to Calm a Hyper Cat Hyper cats tend … Read more

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Cat wrapped in a blanket showing its tongue and teeth

How to Brush a Cat’s Teeth

Brushing your cat’s teeth helps prevent gum diseases. Unhealthy teeth and gums can lead to gum disease that can threaten the oral health of your cat. Learning how to brush a cat’s teeth will help keep your cat healthy. How to Brush a Cat’s Teeth Consider doing these when you brush your cat’s teeth:  1. … Read more

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Cat stopped purring abruptly

My Cat Doesn’t Purr: Why Did My Cat Stop Purring?

Purring is one of the most recognizable signs of a cat’s contentment. It sounds like a pleasurable gasp after petting or feeding a cat. When your cat doesn’t purr, you may ask yourself “why is it that my cat doesn’t purr?” or “why did my cat stop purring?” Let’s address these issues. My Cat Doesn’t … Read more

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