Cat jumping on grass during daytime

How Much Exercise Does a Cat Need?

Cats need exercise to keep their body and mental health in tiptop shape. It is not easy to track the amount of cat exercise they get each day, though, because we can’t always take them out for a walk like we do with dogs. So how much exercise does a cat need?  How Much Exercise … Read more

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How to Calm a Hyper Cat

Wondering why your cat goes from a peaceful slumber, then ends up zooming around or hyper-playing the next moment? While cats are typically very quiet and reserved, some exhibit hyperactiveness. We must first understand the causes before we can learn how to calm a hyper cat. How to Calm a Hyper Cat Hyper cats tend … Read more

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Cat wrapped in a blanket showing its tongue and teeth

How to Brush a Cat’s Teeth

Brushing your cat’s teeth helps prevent gum diseases. Unhealthy teeth and gums can lead to gum disease that can threaten the oral health of your cat. Learning how to brush a cat’s teeth will help keep your cat healthy. How to Brush a Cat’s Teeth Consider doing these when you brush your cat’s teeth:  1. … Read more

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Cat stopped purring abruptly

My Cat Doesn’t Purr: Why Did My Cat Stop Purring?

Purring is one of the most recognizable signs of a cat’s contentment. It sounds like a pleasurable gasp after petting or feeding a cat. When your cat doesn’t purr, you may ask yourself “why is it that my cat doesn’t purr?” or “why did my cat stop purring?” Let’s address these issues. My Cat Doesn’t … Read more

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Cat in front of door surrounded with snow

What Temperature Is Too Cold For Cats?

While cats are feisty, resilient, and can generally take care of themselves, our domestic cats need some help when the cold weather starts. So, how do we know what temperature is too cold for cats, and what can you do to help them? The answers depend on various factors we’re going to discover. What Temperature … Read more

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Determining how hot is too hot for cats

How Hot is Too Hot for Cats

Cats are naturally attracted to heat. However, they cannot tell when the heat is too much already. It is important that we as cat owners know how hot is too hot for cats to avoid life-threatening conditions. How Hot is Too Hot for Cats? Cats are warmer than humans. On average, shorthaired cats have a … Read more

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Top 10 Cat Dental Questions

Cat dental care is also an area not many cat parents know about. The lack of knowledge in this area has lead may cat parents to look for answers to several questions about their cat’s dental health. That’s why we’ve gathered the top 10 cat dental questions and answered them for you in this article.  … Read more

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How to Keep Your Cat’s Teeth Clean Without Brushing

Keeping your cat’s teeth clean might sound like the least of your worries when it comes to the overall health of your pet. However, it is equally important to take it seriously. It is vital for you as a pet owner to make sure your cat’s teeth are not filled with tartar and to learn … Read more

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How to Make a Dog and Cat Get Along

The topic of cats versus dogs might seem like a scene from a cartoon. However, the dispute has lasted for a long time. In fact, it’s so archaic that folklores from a variety of cultures have written about the feud. Stories from ancient Romania, China, and West Africa tell of dogs and cats fighting one … Read more

How to Know When your Cat is Sick

As much as many cats love their owners, most feline friends are very laid-back, relaxed and independent creatures. If you have an indoor cat then she may still prefer to chill out by herself in her favorite sun-lit corner, while you have an outdoor cat she may only grace you with her presence for meals … Read more

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