Brushing Your Dog’s Teeth

Set aside 5 minutes every night for 3 to 4 weeks…this is the commitment you must make in order to train your dog to accept tooth brushing as a routine, enjoyable event. Once your pet is trained you will only need to brush the dog’s teeth every third day or twice a week.

To begin, every evening when you brush your teeth, offer your pet a little dab of toothpaste (specifically formulated) on his/her own toothbrush. For the first 3 to 5 days just let the dog lick the toothpaste off the brush and stimulate the pets tongue helping the pet to enjoy this routine. Make them think it is a treat, candy, a fun activity.

Next, about night 4, let the pet start by licking the paste off the brush a few times then flip up the upper lip and spend 5 seconds on both sides of the mouth brushing the large canine teeth (upper and lower). Continue this nightly activity for 3 to 4 days.

Then begin to spend more time in the dog’s mouth at small increases. Brush left and right sides of the upper teeth by going back and forth on the outside of the upper gum line. You never have to do the inside of the teeth. About night 8 begin to spend 10 seconds on each side for a few days, then go to 15 seconds on each side for a few days, and so on…..

To do the outside of the lower teeth you must “part the jaw”. Try placing your thumb tip behind the upper canine tooth and putting it in the roof of the mouth. As your pet parts the jaw and moves its tongue to investigate your thumb, brush the outside of the lower teeth. Lastly brush a few strokes across upper and lower front teeth (incisors). When your pet can: 1) Come into the bathroom on his or her own. 2) Sit and wait for you to begin the nightly routine. 3) Enjoy the tooth brushing activity. 4) Allow you to spend as much time as you feel necessary to accomplish the cleaning ….then your pet is trained. Once your pet is trained you can reduce the brushing to twice weekly. Remember to begin and end each session by letting your pet lick the brush to stimulate the tongue.

Between brushing use the “oral hygiene rinse” twice daily to help break down plaque and tartar to prevent bad breath. (It’s best to rinse after morning food and water and last thing at night before bed).

Good luck—Yes, you can do it!