Veterinarian checking dog's teeth

Are Anesthesia Free Dental Cleanings Safe?

Many pet owners have heard of anesthesia free dental cleanings, however – is it safe and effective? The principles of good oral hygiene and dental health are the same for dogs and cats as it is for people, however there are some major differences. Our teeth are scaled by a dentist or hygienist. We open … Read more

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Woman giving a kiss to her dog

How to Tell If Your Dog is Getting Better From Parvo

The canine parvovirus is a highly contagious virus that can spread to dogs by sniffing, touching, or licking infected feces. A dog with parvovirus suffers from symptoms like loss of appetite, diarrhea, weight loss, fever, and depression. If you’re wondering how to tell if your dog is getting better from parvo, know that with the … Read more

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Dog getting booster shots from a veterinarian

Do Dogs Need Booster Shots Every Year

There’s an ongoing debate on whether or not dogs really need annual vaccinations. Some argue that they can be harmful to dogs. Over-vaccination can pose risks to your dog like allergic reactions and life-long chronic disease. So it begs the question, do dogs need booster shots every year? Do Dogs Need Booster Shots Every Year? … Read more

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Female dog with her puppies after being spayed

Is It Too Late to Spay My Dog

As a pet owner, you may be wondering, “Is my pet too young for a spay?” or “Is it too late to spay my dog?” Regardless of a female dog’s age, what matters most is that your pet gains the benefits of spaying.  Is It Too Late to Spay My Dog? As long as your … Read more

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Veterinarian cuddling a dog on the table before placing him under anesthesia for dental cleaning

How Long is a Dog Under Anesthesia for Teeth Cleaning

If you notice your pet is having any trouble eating or starts to emit bad breath, it’s probably time to consider professional dental cleaning. If that’s the case, you also may be wondering how long is a dog under anesthesia for teeth cleaning.  If you’ve been putting off your pet’s dental care because of anesthetic … Read more

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Person comforting and preparing a dog before his surgery

How Do I Prepare My Dog for Surgery

Preparing your dog for surgery can be nerve-wracking. Even if it’s just a minor procedure, there are so many things to do, no wonder many people end up puzzled and confused asking themselves “How do I prepare my dog for surgery?” There are, however, some things that are more essential than others when it comes … Read more

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Two dogs yelping happily

Why Does My Dog Yelp When Touched

It can be a bit frustrating when you touch your dog, and they yelp for no apparent reason. Pain isn’t always easy to see, and yet it often indicates that something is not right. If you’re asking yourself “why does my dog yelp when touched?” you need to determine the cause using their reactions and … Read more

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An AAHA accredited veterinarian examining a dog

What Does It Mean to Be AAHA Accredited

What Does it Mean to be AAHA Accredited? Why is it important that your veterinarian is accredited? Should you be taking your pet to an AAHA accredited practice? You may or may not be taking your pet to an AAHA accredited veterinary practice, though it’s worth thinking about.  We’ll gladly inform you of all there … Read more

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Two 5 year old dogs out on the lawn

Can You Spay a 5 Year Old Dog

Can you spay a 5-year-old dog? Is it safe to get older dogs spayed? Is it even necessary once they’ve already had puppies? These are frequent questions asked by many owners of older dogs. The topic of spaying an older dog comes with a lot of fright and confusion. That’s why we’re here to answer … Read more

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A dog whining after being spayed

Is it Normal for Dogs to Whine after Being Spayed

Getting your dog spayed is an important duty for any pet owner. Just like with any operation, there’s always some pain to deal with afterward; even in animals. However, you may be wondering what signs of pain are normal after spaying.  Is it normal for dogs to whine after being spayed? Is it normal for … Read more

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