Pet Diets for Better Oral Health

Dental health and well-being are something that is often overlooked by owners who are fairly new to pet parenting. Nevertheless, pet oral health is something that should be a priority. Your pet is just as reliant on her teeth as you are on yours, and as her human, it is your responsibility to do everything … Read more

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The Dangers of High Protein Dog Foods

One of the biggest misconceptions about dogs is that they are carnivores and should be fed a very high protein diet. While they will quite happily eat virtually any meat that they come across, our canine companions are actually omnivores, which means that they can derive enough nutrition to survive from a range of sources, … Read more

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How to Treat Ear Mites – A Vet Approved Approach

One of the potential complications of caring for your pet is ensuring they get appropriate treatment for the various conditions that may eventually arise. Ear mites (otodectescynotis mites) are a parasitic insect infestation that can impact the health of your pet. Today, we will help you learn how to treat ear mites in the event … Read more

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Can Pets Get Cavities? – Pet Dental Health FAQs

Gingivitis and gum disease is very common among pets. Inside your pet’s mouth, you’ll find a vast ecosystem of substances and processes that work to create a balance of the overall system. Much like humans, if a pet’s mouth is kept in great condition through eating healthy foods, getting regular exercise, and receiving daily dental … Read more

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Abigail, a 1 year old Bull Terrier, presented to Dr Alcorn at Care Animal Hospital for not eating, vomiting, and lethargy. She had a history of having eaten foreign material 5 months previous and had successful intestinal surgery at the Emergency Pet Clinic of Temecula. On physical exam her abdomen area was sensitive to palpation … Read more